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Cosmetic Surgeons Emphasizing Innovation

Are you looking for non surgical rhinoplasty experts?As one of the primary innovators of the non-surgical nose job, Dr. Alexander Rivkin has been on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery for years. The development of non-surgical rhinoplasty has led to an explosion of similar non-surgical techniques, rivaling facelift, brow lift, and chin augmentation surgical procedures. It all started with the non-surgical nose job—a way to give patients a transformation of the nose without forcing them to go under the knife.

Dr. Rivkin has always understood that no one really likes the idea of surgery, of going under the knife. There’s the time that it takes out of your life—weeks of changed plans and routines. And then there’s the pain: not only the pain of the procedure itself, but the extended pain of recovery. Dr. Rivkin believed that there was a simpler, better way to give patients the results they desired, and that the recent development of dermal fillers provided the mechanism to do just that.

Located in Brentwood, California—a suburb of Los Angeles—Westside Aesthetics has become a hub of non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures. With the help of Dr. Cohen, the practitioners at Westside Aesthetics have performed tens of thousands of non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures.

An Alternative to Surgery

Non surgical rhinoplasty experts Dr. Rivkin and Dr. Cohen believe that surgery is not always the best way to solve a problem. It’s true that there are some body issues that can only be addressed with traditional surgery. However, there are many patients whose needs can be addressed without the need for incisions. It has always been one of the driving forces of Westside Aesthetics to make sure that those patients have the opportunity to select alternative, non-surgical rhinoplasty options—options that offer great results without the need for excess pain. This lets patients devote far more time and energy to living their lives and enjoying those results.

The Non Surgical Nose Job Experts at Westside Aesthetics

The cosmetic surgeons at Westside Aesthetics have experience that, combined, reaches nearly have a century. They use that experience and knowledge to help patients get superior results:

  • Dr. Alexander Rivkin: A Yale-trained cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rivkin is one of the primary movers behind the non-surgical nose job. He splits his time between treating patients direction and researching new and innovative ways to help patients get great results without surgery.
  • Dr. Robert Cohen: Devoted to helping all patients enhance their beauty and improve their self-image, Dr. Cohen has over twenty years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. He is known throughout the Los Angeles area for his amazing kindness and deep compassion.

The cosmetic surgeons at Westside Aesthetics bring all of their experience, expertise, and aesthetic instinct to bear on each of their patients. In the case of non-surgical rhinoplasty this means that patients almost always love their results.

If you’re interested in your own non-surgical procedure, you can schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen by contacting Westside Aesthetics.