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The results were absolutely fantastic. Not only did my face look smother and tighter but it also eliminated almost 100% of the excess skin above the right eye. My skin looks and feels about 10 years younger. Janet - Beverly Hills

Reviews and Testimonials

Robin F.

“I highly recommend Dr. Rivkin, Stephanie, and the rest of the crew at Westside Aesthetics! Caring professionals who will make you look really good and refreshed, natural. No one ever guesses that I’m actually 82! Ok, kidding — but seriously — a wonderful office that will take good care of you. Turn back the clock, fix something that’s been bugging you — you can trust Westside Aesthetics!”


Helen C.

“Initially I met Dr. Rivkin in 2013 for a free consultation regarding a cosmetic procedure which interested me. Surprisingly, he recommended that I refrain from having this particular procedure and suggested a different, much less expensive method for achieving the look that I wanted. Upon following his advice I found myself delighted with the results. Since then I have loyally returned to his office for Botox and Juvederm injections. Both Dr. Rivkin and his staff always work within my budget and do not try to “upsell” me. I highly recommend his services.”


Christina A.

“Always an amazing experience at Westside Aesthetics, from the friendly and helpful front desk staff to Dr. Rivkin’s professional expertise. I have gone in for a few different services and am always a happy customer. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else!”


Kairi S.

“I could not be more pleased with the results of Dr. Rivkin’s work (Botox and some fillers) – my face still shows full range of emotions and looks completely natural. I look like myself – about 7 years ago.”


Patricia V.

“Dr. Rivkin is by far the BEST Dr. I’ve been to for filler injections. I had severe hallowing under my eyes, and needed some filler in my cheeks. I had been to two other Dr’s, and they just could not fill in the hallows properly…I had lumps and the filler had to be removed.

A friend recommended Dr. Rivkin, and though I was ‘reluctant’, I made the appointment.
He has such an artistic ‘eye’. And, I was/am thrilled with the results. It was a year in March, and
the area still looks pretty good. I will definitely be making another appointment with him in a few months.

‘Thanks, again, Dr. Rivkin!'”


Ethan M.

“The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Stefani was amazing and ensured I was comfortable during my entire visit. The doctor came in and met with me for a complimentary consultation and was helpful in answering any questions I had.”


Melissas M.

“Expensive, and worth every single penny. No one is better than Dr Rivkin and Dr Cohen. I think this practice is the best of it’s kind in Los Angeles. I like the time Dr Cohen spend with each person making you feel special, and think Dr Rivkin is an expert in his field.”


Marjorie H.

“My first treatment with Dr. Alexander Rivkin was great. He is the consummate professional. I haven’t had any Botox in several years and was interested in other fillers as well. I am a neophyte with the new injectables, and not used to the after effects.I had a bit of swelling under my eyes after my eye bags were injected. It sure beats having surgery with a laser. I have been afraid of all of that surgery, anesthesia, etc. It is amazing how much has changed and improved in the last 5 years. As the doctor says, it will only get better with new advancements. I am so happy I never fell into the nip’tuck syndrome like many of my other boomer babe buddies. Dr. Rivkin is brilliant at what he does, there is very little pain and he has an artful touch. Instead of cutting, pulling and stretching, he has focused on filling the face to add more softness and contours. The future is not plastic surgery for gaining a more youthful look, but liquid facelifts. His foresight into this new direction is what makes him so unique. He has pioneered the pathway to new ways of using injectables. How about the nose job using fillers? What a concept! I am thrilled with the process of gradual changes and adding fillers and other non-invasive treatments (laser, etc) It is the only path I recommend. If you’re ready to improve the signs of aging and want to feel great, go to Westside Medical Aesthetics and choose Dr. Rivkin. He is the top doc of his league. (The staff is great, very attentive and comforting)”


Paul P.

“Great group. Did some acne scar fixes for me far more cheaply then another doctors previous failed attempts. Staff is awesome; for the men fearful of coming into the place (this sort of thing is more female oriented), the staff includes several fine ladies which will make you want to show up more. Really overall a great experience.”


P D.

“Dr. Rivkin and his staff at Westside Aesthetics are the best in the business. The office is modern and inviting, the staff are well trained, and they only use the best and latest equipment/products. Everyone goes above and beyond their duties to make sure everything is done right and the patient is comfortable. I have been coming here for years and am always pleased with the level of service and results after each visit.”


K J.

“Amazing results every time! I love these people and i love this place! Miriam is my favorite!”


Jenessa H.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Rivkin for facial needs for 3 years now. I came to him looking for an alternative to a complete facelift. Three years ago he transformed my haggard face into a presentable refreshed face through his artistic hands and knowledge. I no longer hide in a darkened room so no one could see the dark circles under my eyes or my sagging jowls that no longer wiggle when I laugh. The lines of time are softened. I look like me again and I feel confident when I walk into a room in the sunshine. Thank you Dr. Rivkin from my heart-I am not vain-I just want to defeat a little gravity-and you have helped me. Thank you- for Mary Gleeson”


Roman D.

“Dr Rivs is amazing!!! his staff is super friendly and gives the best customer service. I see Dr. Rivkin to treat my TMJ and he has totally solved that issue. I do not have head aches anymore, the pressure in my ears in the morning when i wake up or the crazy side forehead muscles or jaw muscles.. Office is clean and modern and has a awesome view…”


Anastacia M.

“Dr. Rivkin is the expert at getting rid of under eye bags. No other doctor can do this! The staff is caring and excellent and the office is plush and comfortable while you wait for your numbing cream to take effect.”


Vince C.

“Very professional and knows what he is doing. Full service office and friendly staff – very accommodating.”