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African-American Non Surgical Nose Job

For African American Patients Interested in Non Invasive Rhinoplasty

For patients who are African-American non surgical nose job can present a valuable opportunity. Traditional rhinoplasty surgery for the black patient has been successful in many patients, but presents significant risks, downtime and expense. Rhinoplasty for the African American patient is one of the most complicated and delicate procedures a plastic surgeon will ever attempt. Over the many years that Dr. Rivkin has been performing his Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure, he has seen many black patients frustrated with surgical rhinoplasty results that made their nose look too “Caucasian.” The tip was thinned too much, the bridge was augmented too much and the nostrils were brought in too much. T

he result is an overly delicate nose with triangular nostrils that is obviously out of balance with the rest of the face. Dr. Rivkin developed his African American Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure to address the concerns of his black patients with subtle, natural looking results that preserved the patient’s individuality and ethnic appearance. Dr. Rivkin not only invented the procedure, but is the world’s leading expert on Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, having performed more of these procedures than anyone else.

Non Invasive Rhinoplasty is not a substitute for surgery and is not a procedure that will be appropriate for all patients. During the consultation, Dr. Rivkin will examine you and together you will decide if your goals can be met with the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure or if surgery would really be your best option.

Rhinoplasty Tailored for the Requests of African-American Patients

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty is a simple, fifteen-minute office based procedure where the contours of the nose are adjusted using injectable dermal fillers. Swelling is minimal and patients do not have to miss work. There is a slight risk of a small bruise, but most patients can have the procedure done at lunch time and go back to work without anyone being aware that they have had something done. There is no anesthesia risk and no risk to the breathing function of the nose. Non Surgical Rhinoplasty costs a fraction of what surgery costs.

The concerns of Dr. Rivkin’s black population generally focus on a lack of definition in the bridge of the nose or a tip that is disproportionately large and rounded. Our African-American rhinoplasty patients also commonly request correction of nasal bumps and drooping tips.

How is this Non Surgical Nose Job for African-American Patients Different?

To address these concerns, Dr. Rivkin has tailored his Non Surgical Rhinoplasty approach to the specific concerns of his African American clientele. He has developed ways to lift and add definition to the bridge of the nose with subtlety and precision. The nose will look better proportioned, with a clearly defined bridge that has sharper borders. By sharpening the borders he diminishes the rounded contour of the bridge and makes it stand out better from the rest of the face. Another benefit of the better-defined bridge is that it makes the tip appear smaller. Since the perception of size is very much dependent on the relative size of the surrounding structures, a tip that is next to a poorly defined bridge looks significantly larger than a tip that is next to a well defined bridge.

When he lifts the bridge, Dr. Rivkin brings the parts of the nose into better proportion. This makes a nose that is very tip heavy look more balanced. A further benefit is that a balanced and proportional nose attracts less attention than an unbalanced, disproportional one. A nose that attracts too much attention looks large, whereas a balanced and proportional nose blends in to the rest of the face and looks smaller. This is one of the ways in which Dr. Rivkin can make a nose look smaller by adding to it. The effect is clear, but never over done and the patient looks better, but not like a different person. It is an improvement, but never a drastic change.

Preservation of someone’s unique look is one of the most important considerations in Non Surgical Rhinoplasty. It is especially critical for African American Non Surgical Rhinoplasty. The precision of Dr. Rivkin’s procedure makes it a great choice for our African American patients. We change only what patients want to change and patients always have complete control over their results. We give them a mirror and have them look at their changing nose halfway through the procedure to make sure that they are fully on board with what Dr. Rivkin is doing.

Click here to see African-American non surgical nose job before and after images.

The Procedure

Actual patient who received an African-American non surgical nose job.
After the consultation, where you share with Dr.Rivkin your aesthetic goals and together you come up with a plan to achieve your desired look, we will take photos of your face from a variety of angles. We will then apply a topical numbing cream that will help minimize any discomfort associated with the procedure. Once the skin of your nose is numb, we ice it to decrease the chances of bruising and then Dr. Rivkin proceeds with the injection. Halfway through the procedure, he usually hands you a mirror so you can evaluate the results up to that point and make sure that he is achieving the result you are looking for. Injection takes about fifteen minutes, including the time that Dr. Rivkin takes to mold the filler into the shape and position that is optimal for your desired effect. After the injection we give you Arnica Montana and advise you to not work out, take aspirin / ibuprofen or drink alcohol for twenty-four hours. Dr. Rivkin will usually advise his patients to not wear heavy sunglasses for a week after the procedure.

Duration of Results

How long Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty results last will depend largely on the filler patients choose. Most patients will elect to use temporary fillers for their first Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Rivkin prefers to use Voluma, Lyft and Radiesse because these fillers will give the best definition and duration of results. Voluma lasts for eighteen to twenty four months, Lyft for an average of eight to nine months and Radiesse for an average of ten months. Voluma and Lyft are hyaluronic acid fillers and, as such, are easily reversible with a simple injection of an enzyme that dissolves the filler. The final choice of filler will depend on your individual nose and the cosmetic goals that you want to achieve. In order to maintain these results, patients will need to come in on a regular basis for maintenance injections.

After seeing the great results of their temporary Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, many patients elect for a longer-term solution. There are fillers available that cannot be dissolved by the body, giving patients results that will last for over a decade. Permanent Non Surgical Rhinoplasty is performed with Bellafill (formerly known as Artefill). The procedure is essentially the same as when temporary fillers are used, but there is a skin test performed a half hour prior to injection and the process requires around three sessions spaced about eight weeks apart to build up the Bellafill layers in the skin.

Dr. Rivkin has a great deal of experience performing non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures on African-American patients. Westside Aesthetics’s Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients are thrilled with the results, and before and after photos are available in our gallery.

If you are interested in finding a rhinoplasty expert that can help you achieve your desired, individual look while honoring your cultural / identified ethnic heritage, you owe it to yourself to consult with the doctor who invented the procedure. Contact Dr. Rivkin today to schedule a complementary initial consultation.