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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Specialists

Meeting the Common Needs of Caucasian Patients

Caucasian non-surgical rhinoplasty patients, particularly those of European descent, generally have similar complaints. Often, such patients have a sufficiently defined bridge of the nose, but feel as though the bridge is too bumpy or not smooth enough. Additionally, Caucasian patients often report discomfort with the shape of the tip: the tip is either too droopy or too ill defined. These aspects can all be successfully addressed with non-surgical approaches to rhinoplasty, performed by Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen in Los Angeles, the birthplace of the non-surgical nose job.

As a central point on the human face, the nose can have a large impact on how you look. Some patients feel their noses are too small for their faces—or too crooked, too bumpy, or too large. Patients often complain that they feel as though their noses become the focus of everyone they meet, drawing unwanted attention. Historically, a surgical rhinoplasty would be the only way to mitigate these feelings, but with the creation of the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, patients now have more options.

The Procedure

Most non-surgical nose jobs can be accomplished in as little as fifteen minutes, and that certainly remains true for Caucasian patients as well. Once you have consulted with Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen regarding your desired final look and final outcome, Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen will make targeted injections into the nose with a dermal filler. There are many dermal filler options, ranging from Radiesse to Restylane and many between.

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rivkin both use hyaluronic acid-based fillers almost exclusively. However, your choice of filler will depend greatly on your desired results—and the desired duration of those results. Radiesse-based injections will generally last around six months, but if you want permanent or effectively-permanent results, then a filler such as Bellafill may be used to generate those results.

The procedure itself is usually free from pain, though some patients will experience mild discomfort—usually described as a pinching sensation—during the administration of the injections. Once the filler is injected, Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen will spend some time “molding” that filler by applying pressure to the nose in the desired area. Once the filler sets, it will no longer be susceptible to such pressures, and your nose will retain the desired shape.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Caucasian Non-Surgical Nose Job?

It should be noted that good candidates for a Caucasian non-surgical nose job are not limited to Caucasians. Rather, the terms is meant to represent certain nose presentations that are simply more common within Caucasian groups. Patients who present the following characteristics may be a good candidate for a Caucasian non-surgical nose job:

You have an unwanted bump in the bridge of your nose

  • The tip of your nose is droopy
  • You feel the overall size of your nose is too small
  • You feel your nose is asymmetrical
  • The tip of your nose is an undesirable shape
  • You want to enjoy your results immediately
  • You want to avoid the pain of surgical rhinoplasty
  • You have realistic expectations of what this procedure can accomplish

You should be prepared to discuss your recent medical history with Dr. Rivkin and Dr. Cohen when you schedule your consultation.

Results and Recovery

To a certain extent, Caucasian rhinoplasty specialists are also simply rhinoplasty specialists. As with all non-surgical nose job procedures, the results from your injections will be instant. You will be able to see—and approve—the new look of your nose. With traditional rhinoplasty surgery, you would have to wait for swelling and bruising to subside, and that could take weeks. With a non-surgical approach, you can avoid all of that unpleasantness and simply enjoy your new nose. You may be asked to apply an ice pack to your nose during and just after the procedure, in order to provide comfort and to reduce chances of bruising.

If bruises do develop, they generally recede within a day or two.

You should avoid strenuous exercise for a day or two after your procedure, simply to give the filler time to set. In other words, you’ll want to avoid any activity that could potentially result in any type of firm blow to the nose, such as jogging, racquetball, or other sports. However, once the filler sets, you should be able to return to all of the activities you enjoy.

If you’re interested in a Caucasian non-surgical nose job, which will bring balance to the proportions of your face and give you the nose you’ve always wanted without the need for painful surgery, contact Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen today to schedule an initial—and confidential—consultation.