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Dr. Cohen Showcases Bellafill for the Nose

A non surgical nose job is usually a procedure that yields temporary results. Some patients want those changes to be permanent, however. And when that’s the case, Bellafill is the filler of choice. Formerly known as Artefill, Bellafill is designed to resist being absorbed back into the body. This means that the results tend to last for a significant amount of time--they’re effectively permanent (generally you can expect the results to last for 5-10 years).

This might make it seem as though the procedure itself is a little more complicated. And, certainly, the surgeons involved tend to proceed with care. But as this video with Dr. Cohen illustrates, a Non Surgical Nose Job with Bellafill follows the same basic steps as a Non Surgical Nose Job with any other filler.

As mentioned in the video, however, this type of nose job does usually take anywhere from 2-5 treatments in order to achieve the optimal results.

Benefits of this Video

The video featuring Dr. Cohen has several significant benefits to patients. First and foremost, a video such as this one allows patients to preview their own procedure. Non Surgical Nose Job is one of those procedures that is incredibly easy to illustrate, dispelling immediately some myths and notions that potential patients might have.

In other words, this video shows just how easy and effective the procedure is from the patient’s perspective. That makes this particular video with Dr. Cohen nice because, once again, here’s another procedure that is illustrated for the patient--so they know precisely what to expect from a Non Surgical Nose Job with Bellafill.

And the patients will also know what to expect from Dr. Cohen. This video does a great job of showcasing Dr. Cohen’s knowledge on the topic as well as his warm bedside manner!

If you want to know more about a Non Surgical Nose Job with Bellafill, contact our offices in Los Angeles today!

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