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The results were absolutely fantastic. Not only did my face look smother and tighter but it also eliminated almost 100% of the excess skin above the right eye. My skin looks and feels about 10 years younger. Janet - Beverly Hills

Dr. Rivkin and Volbella on the Doctors

About a year ago, a new dermal filler called Volbella premiered in the marketplace. Dr. Rivkin visited the television show, The Doctors to showcase this new injectable. Now, Juvederm Volbella is not in itself an injectable that’s usually used for Non Surgical Nose Job procedures. (The Non Surgical Nose Job relies on very specific fillers to achieve the best possible results.)

Instead, Juvederm Volbella is intended to be used for the lips. As Dr. Rivkin explains in the video, Volbella is great for eliminating lines and wrinkles from the lips. This can help your lips look significantly more youthful and vibrant. Volbella can also add volume to your lips, helping them to look a little fuller and rounder.

The results from Juvederm Volbella usually last for 12-18 months or so. And this procedure makes an excellent pairing with Non Surgical Nose Job procedures. Because both are dermal fillers, it’s common for patients to get both procedure performed at once and then coordinate their regular maintenance injections.

A Regular on The Doctors

As you may have noticed by now, Dr. Rivkin is something of a regular on The Doctors. That’s because he’s one of the Los Angeles area’s most recognized cosmetic surgeons--ever since he developed the Non Surgical Nose Job in the first place!

In the past, Dr. Rivkin has been on The Doctors to explain and showcase a wide variety of dermal fillers and cosmetic surgery procedures. He performs many of these procedures on set in real time, which really helps to illustrate the speed with which a Non Surgical Nose Job or Juvederm Volbella (for example) can be performed.

If you want to know what Dr. Rivkin can do for you--whether that’s a Juvederm Volbella injection or a Non Surgical Nose Job--contact our offices to schedule a one-on-one consultation!

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