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The results were absolutely fantastic. Not only did my face look smother and tighter but it also eliminated almost 100% of the excess skin above the right eye. My skin looks and feels about 10 years younger. Janet - Beverly Hills

Dr. Rivkin’s Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Experience Video

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Experience Video

Dr. Rivkin is no stranger to television and video appearances. There's something about visually seeing the results of a Non Surgical Nose Job that really helps communicate what the procedure can achieve. Many patients, in fact, find the root of their hesitancy about Non Surgical Nose Job lies in the fact that it almost sounds too good to be true: You get excellent results without all of the downtime associated with surgery.

That's why Dr. Rivkin regularly releases videos that focus on the experience of getting a Non Surgical Nose Job. The results are viewable almost instantly. Videos tend to help illustrate just how quickly the procedure goes, how easy it is for the patient, and the degree of the change of the nose.

In this video, Dr. Rivkin walks through the entire experience with the patient, articulating what the client wants, what the client is attempting to address and then performing the procedure on camera. This roughly simulates the Non Surgical Nose Job experience, so patients have an excellent idea of what to expect when they come in for a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty treatment.

The more patients know, the more prepared they are, the fewer surprises they'll encounter. This leads to better outcomes and higher satisfaction. That said, there's no substitute for the experienced consultation of Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen, both of whom regularly perform Non Surgical Nose Job procedures.

To find out what a Non Surgical Nose Job can do for you, contact our offices to schedule that consultation. As you can see in the above video, the Non Surgical Nose Job experience often doesn't last longer than fifteen minutes. But your new nose could last months (longer if you get regular maintenance injections). That means the transformation you've always wanted could start with a phone call to Dr. Rivkin.

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