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I went in yesterday ... He lifted my bridge up a bit more with a couple of injections in the tip ... I am glad he suggested getting the tip enhanced as it balanced everything out a bit. Caroline P. - Norwalk

Pain Control

Non Surgical Procedures to Minimize Pain

If you’ve ever taken an accidental elbow to the nose, you know just how sensitive that area of the face can be. There are so many nerve endings in the nose that it has a reputation for being a source of pain, even if those nerve endings serve a valuable service (in that without them, your sense of smell may be diminished). This means that traditional rhinoplasty surgery, the kind that requires a scalpel and sutures, has a well earned reputation for a rather painful recovery period. This stands in marked contrast to many other plastic surgery procedures, after which patients heal quickly and with limited pain, and the reason for that is the nose’s overall sensitivity.

During a traditional rhinoplasty surgery, the plastic surgeon will usually make an incision along the space between the nostrils, called the septum. This spot is chosen because it makes the scar less noticeable. Once the incision is made, the tissue covering the nose is usually pulled back along the bridge, giving plastic surgeons access to the cartilage other interior aspects of the nose. If the surgeon is attempting to make the nose smaller, cartilage may be “shaved.” If the shape of the nose is changed, plastic surgeons may remove the cartilage completely and replace it with an implant.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Helps Eliminate Pain

Once the alterations are made, the skin is put back into place and trimmed if necessary. Suffice it to say, this procedure can mean an incredibly painful awakening, even with the strong painkillers that will undoubtedly be simultaneously prescribed (and those painkillers are not without their own unpleasant side-effects).

The innovation of the non-surgical nose job means that patients no longer have to put up with the pain of surgical rhinoplasty to get the results they want. Indeed, one of the big innovations of non-surgical rhinoplasty is that it completely eliminates an enormous percentage of the pain that patients feel due to the procedure. Simply: there is no incision, no recovery, and no painful swelling. You get the results you want and you don’t have to wait to appreciate them.

How Los Angeles-Based Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Gives You Pain Free Results

Here’s how it works. With non-surgical rhinoplasty, results are achieved through a series of injections into the nose. Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen will select targets for this injection, itself made up of various kinds of dermal fillers. These fillers, more traditionally used to make skin look more youthful, are perfect for shaping the nose because they are immediately pliable (for a short duration) and because they let the skin maintain its own natural radiance. In other words, the results look natural.

Because there is no surgery—literally nothing more than a “pinching” sensation from the injections—non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures offer a significant improvement in the arena of pain management. Traditional surgical rhinoplasty requires patients to take at least a few days off of work and also to change their sleeping habits for a number of months. Non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures allow patients to return to work immediately and resume normal daily activities.

The non-surgical nose job improves over pain management in the following ways:

  • No incisions requires
  • No painful recovery
  • No need for strong painkilling drugs
  • You can return to daily activities immediately
  • No need for expensive follow up appointments
  • You still get wonderful results

The nose, after all, is a piece of anatomy that is all about proportion. It’s true that some patients who want a dramatically smaller nose will have no choice but to seek out traditional surgical rhinoplasty. But many patients who want their nose to look smaller in a certain area can have their needs met by increasing the proportion of another section of the nose. In other words, it’s possible for Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen to make your nose look smaller by using non-surgical techniques.

Minimum Discomfort, Maximum Results

This innovation in pain management for rhinoplasty procedures makes non-surgical rhinoplasty a valid and strong competitor to traditional rhinoplasty options. Indeed, if pain management is your primary concern, there’s no comparing the two procedures: non-surgical rhinoplasty is non-invasive, lower risk, and requires no pain to accomplish.

Of course, Dr. Rivkin and Dr. Cohen aren’t stopping there. They continue to innovate, finding ways to make non-surgical rhinoplasty more effective than ever before—and decreasing the minimal amount of discomfort that patients feel during the injections. This work will continue, and further non-surgical applications of this process may become available.

If you’re interested in a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure—one that has no recovery period and will grant you immediate results—contact Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen to begin the transformation on your nose right away!