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Deciding on Your Filler Choice

How Do Nose Jobs Work Without Surgery?

As a viable alternative to traditional, surgical rhinoplasty the Non Surgical Nose Job gives patients the opportunity to get dramatic cosmetic improvement without the need for a painful operation. While there are some things that Non Surgical Rhinoplasty cannot do—for example, removing tissue from the nose—the procedure is versatile and subtle, correcting a variety of cosmetic irregularities of the nose.

Today, patients have the ability not only to choose the size and shape of their nasal transformation, but they also have some say over the duration of those effects. When Dr. Rivkin first invented the Non Surgical Nose Job, the media called it a “test drive” for surgery. This was because, initially, patients could expect the results to last for an average of ten months. If patients wanted permanent results, they would have to opt for a surgical solution.

However, modern advancements in dermal fillers and in Non Surgical Rhinoplasty mean that patients now have the ability to get effectively permanent results. Whatever your desired effects, you will need to choose your dermal filler wisely.

Dermal Filler Choices

There are three primary choices when it comes to dermal fillers for Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures. None of these fillers is necessarily a better choice than the others. Each filler type has its own strengths that make it the ideal choice for specific results. Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen will help you determine which filler will be the best choice to achieve your desired results.


non surgical nose job radiesseDesigned to last up to a year and a half, Radiesse is composed primarily of Calcium Hydroxylapatite, which is mostly calcium and cellulose. This is the same calcium found in your teeth and bones and cellulose is a non animal based, non allergenic material. Reactions to the material are extremely rare and allergy testing is not necessary with Radiesse. Radiesse is also specially formulated to stimulate your body’s own collagen production, meaning your skin will thicken and look more vibrant and healthy. Immediately after injection, Radiesse can be molded into the shape necessary for the procedure. Over the next several days, the cellulose component is absorbed by the body and replaced with your own collagen. Your cells grow into the scaffolding of the calcium particles, making a sturdy structure under the skin.

Radiesse is well suited for Non Surgical Rhinoplasty because the material is thick and firm. Dr. Rivkin will choose Radiesse if he needs maximum lift and defintion. It is ideal for correction of a very droopy tip or creating a well defined nasal bridge. It is also the filler he chooses when he wants to sculpt edged contours in a nose. For example if he wants to make a rounded tip more square or if he wants to add symmetry by matching the sharp contour of one nasal sidewall on the other side.

Radiesse doesn’t last quite as long as Voluma and it is not reversible like all of the hyaluronic acid fillers, but it is the best at lifting and sculpting nasal tissue.


non surgical nose job with volumaDeveloped by Allergan, Voluma is a hyaluronic acid-based filler. Hyaluronic acid is a lubricating material already found in your body, making this a natural choice for many patients. Dr. Rivkin and Dr. Cohen often recommend Voluma for patients who are undergoing their first injectable experience, as hyaluronic acid-based fillers are completely reversible with a simple injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Therefore, any patient that does not like the results can have those results reversed.

Immediately after injection, Voluma is easily moldable, just like Radiesse. Over time, also like the calcium filler, the body’s cells grow into the network of Voluma and form the final structure.

However, the vast majority of patients enjoy the look and feel of their new noses, and in that regard, Voluma is formulated to last. Most patients experience results that last for anywhere between eighteen and twenty-four months. If you like the results, of course, you may need to make an appointment for maintenance injections before your results fade completely.

Voluma is long lasting and soft, making it the ideal filler for correcting minor contour irregularities throughout the nose. It does not quite have the lift capacity of Radiesse, but it is an excellent filler for most Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures. Voluma results are smooth and flawlessly natural.


Some patients desire permanent results. Those patients now have an alternative to surgical rhinoplasty, thanks to the introduction of a long-lasting derma filler called Bellafill (formerly known by the name Artefill). When used in Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedures, Bellafill has been shown to last over ten years, effectively making this a permanent solution.
Actual Artefill nose job patient before and after photo.
While most injectables are composed of molecules that are readily absorbed back into the body, Bellafill is designed to resist that absorption. The product consists of methyl methacrylate in a bovine collagen carrier. The collagen is highly purified, but because it is animal based, allergy testing is recommended. Dr. Rivkin has been using Bellafill for 8 years and has never seen a major allergic reaction. He has seen three or four (out of close to a thousand patients) minor reactions where he decided to use a temporary filler instead.

Bellafill is a soft, moldable filler. It is not as stiff as Radiesse, but Bellafill is injected over several sessions and over time the lifting effect of several layers of the filler on top of each other is considerable.

Permanent nasal contour correction can now be achieved without surgery. Bellafill gives patients natural-looking results that really last.

Consult With Dr. Rivkin

No one knows what you want better than you do. During your consultation with Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen, you will discuss your desired outcome. Our cosmetic surgeons will give you recommendations as to what dermal filler will work best to help you achieve your desired results. Because Non Surgical Rhinoplasty is achieved through these simple injections, there is no recovery period and you can enjoy your results immediately.

If you’re interested in your own transformation—in getting the nose you’ve always wanted—or if you want to learn more about dermal fillers for Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, contact Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen at Westside Aesthetics to schedule a confidential consultation. A better nose could be less than thirty minutes away.