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Correct Nose Imperfections with A NSNJ in Florida

The non-surgical nose job (NSNJ) is a quick and affordable alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty that can fix your nose. You won’t have any pain, zero downtime, or the high cost of plastic surgery. Double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jacob D. Steiger, offers the NSNJ in Florida at his practice in Boca Raton. Treating patients from Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale, he produces exceptional results.

What is the NSNJ?

The NSNJ is a dermal filler procedure, often referred to by its nicknames of “liquid nose job” or “15-minute nose job”. It can be performed in as little time as 15 minutes and lasts for up to 6 months.

Why Choose Dr. Steiger for Your NSNJ in Florida?

Although not a surgical procedure, the NSNJ should be carried out by a physician with the requisite skills and experience to create natural-looking results. Facial esthetics combines artistry with medical know-how, and the nose can be tricky to get right without the expertise of specialist knowledge.

Dr. Steiger is a talented, experienced facial plastic surgeon who has the background and credentials to provide you with state-of-the-art techniques in this ever-changing field of medicine.

Board-certified with the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and American Board of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery, he limits his practice to facial procedures and has vast experience of performing both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasties (nose jobs). Combined with advanced scientific knowledge, Dr. Steiger achieves optimal results and the successful outcomes his patients desire.

What Problems Will a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Correct?

The NSNJ can provide cosmetic correction for several problems including:

  • Humps
  • Dents, indentations, and crooked noses
  • Flat nasal bridges
  • Droopy tips or downward-facing noses
  • Deviated septums
  • “Ski slope appearance” where the curve of the nose is exaggerated

Are You a Good Candidate for the NSNJ?

If you don’t want to have surgery, you may be a good candidate for the NSNJ, but you must have realistic expectations of what the procedure can achieve. It is purely a cosmetic treatment and will not help with breathing problems where a surgical nasal reconstruction may be a more suitable option for you.

If you wear heavy glasses, you will need to refrain from wearing them for several days following the NSNJ. They may cause indentations as the dermal filler is still malleable during this time.

If you are considering a surgical nose job and are understandably wary of committing to the procedure, the NSNJ could be a good compromise. It allows you to “take your nose for a test run” and see what your nose could look like after it has been corrected surgically.

Schedule an Appointment for Your NSNJ in Florida

The success of any esthetic procedure is dependent on the skills of your doctor. The liquid nose job is a safe procedure, producing natural-looking results when performed by an experienced practitioner. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Steiger for further information about the NSNJ at his Boca Raton office.




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